Where Did I Put My Keys Again….

Look what I Made Mom!

Image I am FOREVER missing my keys. There are simply too many great places in my house to put them down, walk away, and never see them again. So one day I thought- enough is enough and I made this this nifty key hook from leftover products around the house! LOVE it. Now when my keys go missing it is because I put it low enough the 2 year old can take them off the hook…oops. Word to the wise. Hang yours up high.


Wood board (You can pick any size mine is about 8 1/2″ x 11″)

Paint Ceiling plant Hooks (amount is up to you- I did 3)

Staple Gun (If adding ribbon/pzazz!)

Ribbon (Optional)

Wooden letters (K E Y S)

Wall hook(s)

Wood Glue

INSTRUCTIONS- Takes about 2 hours total with drying time. (Maybe less I get easily distracted by other things)

1.Paint your board the color of your choice. Let it dry…trust me.

2. Paint your wooden letters while you wait the color of your choice. Let it Dry.

3. Once everything is nice and dry, mark where you want the letters. Take wood glue and glue the letters onto your board.

4. Add Ribbon or optional pzazz of your choice. If you do as I did, you place the ribbon where you want it, than staple gun it to the back of the board to hold it in place.

5. Take plant ceiling hooks ( I picked these, because 1. they are sturdy, 2. they are simple screw-in hooks and 3. they came in white vs gold.) and screw into board. Be sure to mark where you want them before getting hook happy! Otherwise you will end up with some unwanted holes possibly.

6. Add picture hanger hook to the back of your board. Be sure to get the right weight requirement so you don’t rip a hole in your drywall. This should not be too heavy though. Just keep in mind how many keys you plan to hang from it. 7. Measure and Hang your beautiful creation!

BUT HALEY I AM NOT A DO IT MYSELF KINDA GIRL….. Then check out these great keys hooks made on Etsy and buy one! Life is too short anyway. Aren’t they talented?!

Orange Bird Key Hook by CabinandMoss

Rustic Chalkboard Key Hook by ReCircleMatter

SeaGlass Mail Organizer by cottagehomedecor


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