It is NOT A True Celebration Without JELLO.

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Jello polariod

I LOVE JELLO. What can I say- I am a 2 year old at heart. To me it isn’t truly a Forth of July celebration if Jello is not involved. We do not have jello very often in my house. The hubs has this aversion to its texture or some such thing. So my two year old was very pleased to try this wonderful colorful madness. Sorry dad- we will be having it more frequently moving forward. And this has fruit in it. That means it is healthy….er….



1 Package Blue JELLO  (larger size- 8 serving)

1 Package Red Raspberry JELLO (larger size- 8 serving)

4 Cups Boiling Water

2 Cups Cold Water

Blue Berries to Taste

Raspberries to Taste

1 Package Whipping Cream

1  (8 oz) Package Cream Cheese Plain

1/2 Cup Sugar


1. Boil Water. Take two cups of boiling water and mix with Blue JELLO until powder dissolved. Add 1 cup cold water to Blue Mixture.

2. Take two cups of boiling water and mix with Raspberry JELLO in separate boil until powder dissolved. Add 1 cup cold water to raspberry mix.

3. Place both in fridge for 30 minutes to 45 min. to thicken. Be sure to check on it! Don’t let it harden/set.

4. While waiting on the JELLO, take cream cheese, half the container of whip cream and sugar. Blend together with a hand mixer. Set aside in fridge.

5. Once each JELLO mix has thickened but not set, add fresh fruit. Blueberries to blue JELLO and raspberries to red JELLO.

6. Pour Blue JELLO/fruit mixture at the bottom of a pretty, glass dish.

7. Spoon the cream cheese mixture over top.Smooth with a knife.

8. Spoon the Red JELLO/fruit  mixture over top of the cream cheese.

9. Let set in fridge a minimum of 2 hours.

10. Serve with remaining whipped topping and make your tummy happy!

*NOTE Colors and fruit can be changed for any holiday occasion!

Jello top shot


Check out these ADORABLE JELLO products on Etsy!

Vintage Mint Green Jello Mold Tupperware by FrenchToastKitty

Vintage Yellow JELLO MOLD by OldVintageMemories

JELLO Inspired Notebook for Purse by GreetingsfromMelanie


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