A New Kind of Buddy- “Boo Boo”

Product Review

booboo buddy


Grandmas are amazing. They always know just the right thing to say or do. Last month my mom, who my child lovingly refers to as “Boo-Nana”  introduced a new friend to our house.  A “Boo Boo buddy.” For those of you who have not heard of or seen one of these before they are magic for toddlers.


It is an ice pack shaped like an animal friend in all sorts of colors and sizes. Kids LOVE IT. My child squealed when she saw it and was so excited to make it a home in our freezer. For weeks she would open the freezer to ask it “how your day?” And heaven FORBID I put anything on top of it/ in the same area as her boo boo buddy.


Last week had our first opportunity to call upon it’s services. I LOVE to cook (mostly desserts) and my child loves to “help.”  She is actually surprisingly good at following directions and being careful near the stove, but we had a very minor mishap with a hot plate. As soon as I mentioned getting the Boo Boo buddy out (her’s happens to be a duck) the tears faded and the smiles reappeared. She even kept the buddy on her boo boo for a long amount of time. It’s just the right amount of cold to be able to withstand but not too warm that it doesn’t sooth.

WE GIVE THIS PRODUCT an A+++++ and a first aid MUST!


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