Introducing: Little Miss PinkerBell!

Shameless Product Plug


After taking a break to adjust to our move, new baby, husband’s new job, etc I have decided to relaunch my paper doll sets. BUT with some big changes. I created an actual doll character named Little Miss PinkerBell. She is a fiery, precocious red head with an adventuresome spirit. She is approximately 5″ tall and pretty gosh darn cute. More importantly she is a MAGNETIC TOY. My daughter ADORES her. And all of PinkerBell’s adventures. So far Miss PinkerBell has traveled to

Pemberly, From Pride and Predjudice,


Downton Abbey


and to the depths of the sea as the Little Mermaid.Image

I know there will be many more adventures to come!


1. Purchase the Doll first or her best friend Luke. (Inspired by my adorable nephew)


2. Purchase any set you would like. The clothing/adventure sets are NOT PRECUT. They will arrive on an 8 1/2 x 11 Magnetic sheet. Look I am a mom and anywhere I can save, I want to. I can pass a bunch of savings onto my customers by simply allowing them to cut out the magnet dolls themselves. For those who don’t want the hassle, they can purchase the addition CUT IT OUT option for an additional fee.  This way everyone is happy. Including me-Because I am hoping you will cut it yourself.

3. Place dolls on a metal surface for playtime. I recommend the fridge at home to distract them while making dinner or a magnet wall board. When you are on the go, I recommend a small cookie sheet. There are some great ideas on how to customize those of which I will share later.

This has been a blast! And it’s a fun hobby for me.


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