Girl’s Room Decor



I  was so proud of my little one during the craziness of the last 6 months. Not only did she get a new sibling, but we uprooted her from her home, friends, family, and pink room a few months later. She was a champ. But really misses her pink and brown room. As we are renting, we cannot paint her new room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t feel just as cozy! After a few weeks of settling in I got to work.

ImageSaving money when doing home decor yourself takes patience, time, trial and error, and bargain hunting (more time). I have found the best way to find the best deals on fabric is to go to the store and browse the remnants, and discontinued fabric bolts WITHOUT YOUR CHILDREN.(if at all possible) I found this ADORABLE polka dot fabric that I love and my daughter loves. (Clearly because I use it for everything) for approx  $1-2 a yard! Note this is AMAZING. Decor Fabric can easily be a minimum of $20 a yard. SCORE. 5-6 yards later…..



I created the cornice board first. This is the window treatment seen in the photos. SUPER EASY. These are large double windows so it took 3 white foam boards, razor cutter, and a hot glue gun to make. (approximately $5.00) I will post on how to make cornice boards later. My house is covered in them. I am obsessed. I than added a white felt flower(s) for interest/cuteness. This was $0.00 because I used leftover felt fabric from various projects.

ImageNext I recovered the lampshades. If you leave the original fabric make sure your new fabric is dark/thick enough to not have the original bleed through. One of my lampshades had Eiffel towers on it you can see only when you turn the lamp on. Oooooooooops. You may just want to take the original fabric off. It was my trial run. It happensImageI than took old canvas images I had in my family room that no longer worked with my new decor and recovered them with fabric. I made the girls initials out of felt flowers and placed them over their beds. SOOO cute and personal. They love it! ImageImage


Bottom line…Reuse things you already have in your home. A little (or a lot) of fabric goes a LOOOONG way and can be used to re-purpose so many things!

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