DIY 80’s Costumes in Two Days



We LOVE dressing up in costume for Halloween and we REALLY LOVE themed parties. Crazy costumes are great ice breakers for any conversation, particularly if you don’t know many people at the party. And who doesn’t LOVE the 80’s? I knew we had this 80’s themed party coming up and for some reason I keep putting it off and putting off making our costumes. Probably because I am working so hard taking care of my family and at relaunching my adorable Etsy Shop (Shameless Plug CLICK HERE!) So it is not quite as do it yourself/DIY as I would like.  

ImageAfter some deliberation we decided to go as aerobic instructors. Here is how I DIY the essentials. 


  1. I purchased neon green family sized washcloths from Family Dollar for $.50 each. If you are serious about this you can purchase more expensive washcloths. We were not that serious.
  2. I than cut two of the three wash cloths in half. 
  3. Fold one of the cut pieces in half again.Don’t cut this time. Measure your wrist to know where to sew the ends together. Make sure you leave some wiggle room as the washcloths are not elastic.
  4. Cut off the excess length not needed for your wristband.
  5. Then Hand-stitch or machine stitch the ends of the piece you folded together with whatever thread you already have.Waa-LAA! Instant wristband set for $.50. 
  6. Repeat until you have 2 pairs of wristbands.


  1. With the remaining washcloth, cut into 4 even strips. 
  2. Sew two of the 4 strips together on one end. 
  3. Measure the head circumference and cut off any excess length
  4. Now sew the remaining open end together. 
  5. Fold width wise so it is double layered and sew to keep it folded.
  6. WAA-LAA you now have a head sweatband! 
  7. Repeat for 2nd sweatband


There are two ways to make easy DIY Legwarmers.

The first is by taking an old brightly colored sweater and cutting off the sleeves. If needed sew up loose threads/ends by hemming each sleeve. Than place on sleeve on each leg. Instant legwarmer.

I did not have a sweater I was willing to part with so I took knee high socks and cut holes in the bottom of them. Instant legwarmers. These are not quite as bulky as the original 80’s look but it works well enough to win 1st prize for best costume!


The women’s department at Salvation Army, Family Thrift, Goodwill, etc. It takes time and patience and a husband who doesn’t realize he is wearing women’s plus size pants to pull it off but it totally works! Be creative, be flexible, but also know what you are looking for. 





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