DSCF9246381024_10150414066982775_1660208112_n20130320_172720   I am a young mom of 1.85 (due in 3 weeks!) girls and I LOVE it! Wishing there was a manual for this “mom thing” and making it up as I go along…I’ve tried being a working mom and a stay at home mom. Now I am fortunate enough I am little bit of both. I spend countless hours playing make believe and saying “why did you think THAT was a good idea?” and on the side I get creative making toys and products that I sell on Etsy.com. Occasionally I get an acting gig (my original profession) which is a blast! I LOVE life, I LOVE my girls, my hubby, and french fries.  This blog is a collection of fun, funny, and some-not-so funny, experiences I have had that I hope will help others. Also let’s be honest- I LOVE advise from other moms so hopefully you can share with me as well. Pretty much I will blog whatever suits my fancy- (I LOVE to cook so be prepared for recipes and I am a definite Do-it-yourself er”) All While shamelessly plugging for my Shop on Etsy. Because hey- it’s my blog so why not?




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