“The Dessert Of The Century”- America’s Test Kitchen

Look what I Made Mom!, Shameless Product Plug

10309127_10152216389767775_4705816089847920787_nWhen America’s Test Kitchen says something is “The Dessert of The Century” They are not messing around! They also are not kidding when they say it is hard to make.

Saturday night “the hubs” thought it would be fun to make this difficult dessert for our date night. So after a quick run to the grocery store we got to work.

This recipe is VERY particular but fortunately America’s Test Kitchen gets you through it. They do such a great job explaining it I won’t try- just go to their website HERE. We had some major pitfalls-like putting the ganache on too hot (thus the dripping chocolate delicious mess verses their pretty picture of perfection. We also over cooked the almond and hazelnut meringue (husband didn’t know which button was the off button on the oven. He is brilliant really- just not usually in the kitchen. poor dear. Good thing he is cute.



As a side note we also took out the coffee flavor aspect to it, and added rum flavoring instead. When it calls for espresso powder in the butter cream- just omit. Than use 1/2 tablespoon of rum flavoring and 1 1/2 tablespoons of water in lieu of 2 tablespoons of water for buttercream.

Despite our flaws during the cooking process the end it was AMAZING.

Truly. do yourself a favor and make this. Than eat it, alone without your children. (we love them but this is “sacred” dessert) If you need something to distract sweet ones while you are in dessert coma we recommend our awesome Magnetic Paper Doll Sets. I LOVE shameless plugs. ETSY SHOP CLICK HERE




The Disney Princess Wall Art That Started it All

Look what I Made Mom!, Shameless Product Plug

ImageIf your daughter is anything like mine, you have heard the song “Let It Go” from the Disney hit movie Frozen approximately 8 billion times. My personal favorite is when it is “Scringed” (scream/singed) while she is in the bathroom. (seems appropriate for a recently potty trained kid and I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old boy.) As our move coincided with the Princess mania that is “Frozen” I thought I could somehow incorporate my daughter’s new favorite princess into the decor. Than I got carried away, as I always do, and decided to draw not only Anna and Eliza from “Frozen” but all the Disney Princesses to decorate my kids walls. Here is how it went down.


-I purchased flat wooden wall plaques for 99cents at Walmart.(Don’t judge me for shopping at Wallyworld. I live in a small town-not many options) The great thing is the plaques came with a wall hanging clip on the back so I did not have to staple anything this time! Woo hoo!


-I than drew each Disney Princess I could think of on white paper and colored them with color pencils and ink.

Belle-I modge podge (BEST THING EVER) some pink paper onto each plaque. I than measured and cut out each Princess leaving some white background. Modge podge those Princess on as well and Wa-La! Disney Princess art.

Claires room       Princess wall art

My daughter loved the “dollies” so much and would not stop taking them down to play with them (MUCH to my dismay!) that I thought….hummm. I may have something here. I started drawing and created the Magnetic paper dolls I sell today. NOTE* I do not sell anything Disney/based on Disney. All of my dolls are based on the classic fairy tales, or my imagination. The Wall art pictured is strictly for personal use. I hand draw the dolls on card stock, than scan them, and print them professionally.


I than touch up the print job and adhere them to magnetic adhesive paper. I cut them out and have a really fun on-the-go toy for my kids. I have also recently purchased  5″ x 7″ Metal DVD tins that I recover with decorative scrap-booking paper, and detailed information on the product. The Princess sets come with a hand-drawn castle background inside the tin. I am really excited about this product.


I have come a LONG way since I opened my Etsy shop last year. The magnets are WAY better than the laminate and velcro. My kids are happy, I feel excited, and I hope to make many other kids happy as well. Please check out our shop LittleMissPinkerBell and Like us on Facebook!

Please tell your friends! This is seriously such a great travel toy! It packs up easily and is super easy for kids to play with. I do not recommend it, however for kids who still put things in their mouths. Disney makes tin magnetic paper dolls that are similar but I found myself getting frustrated with all the small pieces. I have tried to minimize that with my own doll sets. Very few, if any tiny pieces. Which is easier for the kids to play with and easier for me to keep track of. Also we are super excited about our first Sale!

first Sale!!!



Introducing: Little Miss PinkerBell!

Shameless Product Plug


After taking a break to adjust to our move, new baby, husband’s new job, etc I have decided to relaunch my paper doll sets. BUT with some big changes. I created an actual doll character named Little Miss PinkerBell. She is a fiery, precocious red head with an adventuresome spirit. She is approximately 5″ tall and pretty gosh darn cute. More importantly she is a MAGNETIC TOY. My daughter ADORES her. And all of PinkerBell’s adventures. So far Miss PinkerBell has traveled to

Pemberly, From Pride and Predjudice,


Downton Abbey


and to the depths of the sea as the Little Mermaid.Image

I know there will be many more adventures to come!


1. Purchase the Doll first or her best friend Luke. (Inspired by my adorable nephew)


2. Purchase any set you would like. The clothing/adventure sets are NOT PRECUT. They will arrive on an 8 1/2 x 11 Magnetic sheet. Look I am a mom and anywhere I can save, I want to. I can pass a bunch of savings onto my customers by simply allowing them to cut out the magnet dolls themselves. For those who don’t want the hassle, they can purchase the addition CUT IT OUT option for an additional fee.  This way everyone is happy. Including me-Because I am hoping you will cut it yourself.

3. Place dolls on a metal surface for playtime. I recommend the fridge at home to distract them while making dinner or a magnet wall board. When you are on the go, I recommend a small cookie sheet. There are some great ideas on how to customize those of which I will share later.

This has been a blast! And it’s a fun hobby for me.