Do It Yourself (DIY) Gift For Kids, By Kids


doityourselfplacematsforkids3DYI PLACEMATS FOR KIDS

Hooray for DIY projects!!! It makes Christmas fun and affordable. This Christmas is the first one where one of my kids can actually make a Christmas gift that actually is and looks looks like Christmas gift verses a glob of loveable goobly gunk that comes from the heart. So to get us in the spirit of things….I know…I KNOW. It’s November. But when you make everyone’s Christmas presents you have to start early. I should have started earlier.

My girls have multiple young cousins and this year we are making them DIY placemats. But not just any placemat. This placemat is educational. This placemat for kids makes mommies happy. On one side it has the child’s name. (hooray for ABCs/learning to read!) on the other side is a table setting example that teaches children how to set their own place at dinner. A gift that keeps on giving to moms everywhere!!doityourselfplacematsforkids4


  • Poster board of any color (we choose blue for the boys)
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Modge pogde
  • Foam glue brush
  • 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 plate, 1 cup
  • 1 actual placemat or 1 ruler
  • Clear Shelf Liner or laminate


  1. You can cut your placemat to be any size you want (thus the ruler.) I however choose the lazy way and took a placemat of mine and traced it on the blue poster board paper. You should be able to fit two placemats on a standard poster board poster found at the grocery store. Cut these out.
  2. Next pick a theme for your placemats. The cousins love Batman and Robin so those were our theme. We cut the logos out on construction paper. I just winged it by looking at images on Google, but if your nervous your drawing abilities, you can print images and trace it onto construction paper before cutting. Also cut their names out in construction paper of your choice.
  3. Than I traced the fork, knife, spoon, cup, and plate onto white construction paper. Cut those out.
  4. Cut out a rectangle for the napkin. We wanted to jazz things up a bit so we added a batman and robin themed napkin ring. You do not have to do this but you can if you want. Size of napkin should be larger than the fork.doityourselfplacematsforkids6
  5.  Now you are ready to begin gluing. This is really where my daughter was able to help. (She is not quite there yet with cutting accurately.) Decide where everything fits on the poster board. (feel free to use ours as a template. Start with the “place setting” side. With the foam brush, paint the back of the cup, fork, knife, spoon, plate, napkin, napkin ring* in place. My daughter LOVED this. It’s like painting and messy. What more could a kid want. Help your child place the items and teach them about proper place settings at the same time. diyplacematsforkids1
  6. Let “place setting” side dry. If you leave it for longer than 20 mins (mine needed it because it took a bath in glue….) be sure to clean your brush so it doesn’t dry out.
  7. Turn the board over and with foam brush, brush glue on the backs of the letters  and any additional decoration you desire. We selected the batman and robin logos.
  8. Set to dry.
  9. Once dry, adults take the clear shelf liner and use as a laminate. Completely cover one side with the clear shelf liner. Be sure to leave excess on each side.
  10. Turn over and cover the other side with laminate as well. I recommend leaving about 1/4″ of laminate overhang. This will prevent water damage. The laminate makes this easy to kids to clean their placemats as well. Cut so it is even on all 4 sides.
  11. Happy gift giving!

Do not submerge placemats in water. doityourselfplacematsforkids2As Always, if you like what we do and you like what you read, please check out our Etsy shop! Our Handmade Magnetic Paper dolls make great stocking stuffers as well as our felt necklaces!


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    DIY 80’s Costumes in Two Days



    We LOVE dressing up in costume for Halloween and we REALLY LOVE themed parties. Crazy costumes are great ice breakers for any conversation, particularly if you don’t know many people at the party. And who doesn’t LOVE the 80’s? I knew we had this 80’s themed party coming up and for some reason I keep putting it off and putting off making our costumes. Probably because I am working so hard taking care of my family and at relaunching my adorable Etsy Shop (Shameless Plug CLICK HERE!) So it is not quite as do it yourself/DIY as I would like.  

    ImageAfter some deliberation we decided to go as aerobic instructors. Here is how I DIY the essentials. 

    WRISTBANDS (2 Pairs)

    1. I purchased neon green family sized washcloths from Family Dollar for $.50 each. If you are serious about this you can purchase more expensive washcloths. We were not that serious.
    2. I than cut two of the three wash cloths in half. 
    3. Fold one of the cut pieces in half again.Don’t cut this time. Measure your wrist to know where to sew the ends together. Make sure you leave some wiggle room as the washcloths are not elastic.
    4. Cut off the excess length not needed for your wristband.
    5. Then Hand-stitch or machine stitch the ends of the piece you folded together with whatever thread you already have.Waa-LAA! Instant wristband set for $.50. 
    6. Repeat until you have 2 pairs of wristbands.


    1. With the remaining washcloth, cut into 4 even strips. 
    2. Sew two of the 4 strips together on one end. 
    3. Measure the head circumference and cut off any excess length
    4. Now sew the remaining open end together. 
    5. Fold width wise so it is double layered and sew to keep it folded.
    6. WAA-LAA you now have a head sweatband! 
    7. Repeat for 2nd sweatband


    There are two ways to make easy DIY Legwarmers.

    The first is by taking an old brightly colored sweater and cutting off the sleeves. If needed sew up loose threads/ends by hemming each sleeve. Than place on sleeve on each leg. Instant legwarmer.

    I did not have a sweater I was willing to part with so I took knee high socks and cut holes in the bottom of them. Instant legwarmers. These are not quite as bulky as the original 80’s look but it works well enough to win 1st prize for best costume!


    The women’s department at Salvation Army, Family Thrift, Goodwill, etc. It takes time and patience and a husband who doesn’t realize he is wearing women’s plus size pants to pull it off but it totally works! Be creative, be flexible, but also know what you are looking for. 




    Girl’s Room Decor



    I  was so proud of my little one during the craziness of the last 6 months. Not only did she get a new sibling, but we uprooted her from her home, friends, family, and pink room a few months later. She was a champ. But really misses her pink and brown room. As we are renting, we cannot paint her new room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t feel just as cozy! After a few weeks of settling in I got to work.

    ImageSaving money when doing home decor yourself takes patience, time, trial and error, and bargain hunting (more time). I have found the best way to find the best deals on fabric is to go to the store and browse the remnants, and discontinued fabric bolts WITHOUT YOUR CHILDREN.(if at all possible) I found this ADORABLE polka dot fabric that I love and my daughter loves. (Clearly because I use it for everything) for approx  $1-2 a yard! Note this is AMAZING. Decor Fabric can easily be a minimum of $20 a yard. SCORE. 5-6 yards later…..



    I created the cornice board first. This is the window treatment seen in the photos. SUPER EASY. These are large double windows so it took 3 white foam boards, razor cutter, and a hot glue gun to make. (approximately $5.00) I will post on how to make cornice boards later. My house is covered in them. I am obsessed. I than added a white felt flower(s) for interest/cuteness. This was $0.00 because I used leftover felt fabric from various projects.

    ImageNext I recovered the lampshades. If you leave the original fabric make sure your new fabric is dark/thick enough to not have the original bleed through. One of my lampshades had Eiffel towers on it you can see only when you turn the lamp on. Oooooooooops. You may just want to take the original fabric off. It was my trial run. It happensImageI than took old canvas images I had in my family room that no longer worked with my new decor and recovered them with fabric. I made the girls initials out of felt flowers and placed them over their beds. SOOO cute and personal. They love it! ImageImage


    Bottom line…Reuse things you already have in your home. A little (or a lot) of fabric goes a LOOOONG way and can be used to re-purpose so many things!

    As always, if you like what you read and see check out our Etsy Shop!

    Cute, Fun, Practical, and Affordable Baby Gift-Handmade Burp Cloths



    I LOVE baby showers. The Babies. The lack of babies (I know that contradicts. I love babies but I also like the two hours of adult girl talk break from my babies..) The chocolate. The excuse to buy adorable baby clothes and say “AWWWW.” a million times. LOVE IT.

    However, like many of you I have entered the season of the baby. Everyone I know is having babies and although I wish I had an unlimited income to spend on baby gifts, I don’t. But I still want to give something meaningful, practical, and fun.

    HOMEMADE THINGS ROCK. That is why Etsy is my candy shop. My sister-in-law just had a baby shower and I made her handmade burp clothes. It was like $5.00 for 3 and 1 1/2 hours of my life. And they are adorable and worth it because she is a pretty awesome sister-in-law.


    1. I found brand new facial family wash cloths for seriously .50 a piece. I know?!?! And they were in a great size, etc.  and off white/vanilla colored.

    2. I took them home and pulled out my fabric box. Never throw fabric away. I save all my leftovers, even curtains when I am done with them because you never know when you can re-purpose it. Same with buttons and ribbons.

    3. I pulled out some cute fabric I had leftover from the girls room, some ribbon, and a sweater button and Wa-La! I had some cute burp cloths simply by sewing the fabric to the wash cloths.Image

    4. You can keep it simple or add embellishments like I did with the fabric flower/button, or the pleated ribbon. That part was not practical but sometimes its fun to a fashionable burp cloth verses a 100% practical one. Everyone wants to be fashionable when being thrown up on……Image

    As Always, check out our AWESOMe Etsy Shop.