Cute, Fun, Practical, and Affordable Baby Gift-Handmade Burp Cloths



I LOVE baby showers. The Babies. The lack of babies (I know that contradicts. I love babies but I also like the two hours of adult girl talk break from my babies..) The chocolate. The excuse to buy adorable baby clothes and say “AWWWW.” a million times. LOVE IT.

However, like many of you I have entered the season of the baby. Everyone I know is having babies and although I wish I had an unlimited income to spend on baby gifts, I don’t. But I still want to give something meaningful, practical, and fun.

HOMEMADE THINGS ROCK. That is why Etsy is my candy shop. My sister-in-law just had a baby shower and I made her handmade burp clothes. It was like $5.00 for 3 and 1 1/2 hours of my life. And they are adorable and worth it because she is a pretty awesome sister-in-law.


1. I found brand new facial family wash cloths for seriously .50 a piece. I know?!?! And they were in a great size, etc.  and off white/vanilla colored.

2. I took them home and pulled out my fabric box. Never throw fabric away. I save all my leftovers, even curtains when I am done with them because you never know when you can re-purpose it. Same with buttons and ribbons.

3. I pulled out some cute fabric I had leftover from the girls room, some ribbon, and a sweater button and Wa-La! I had some cute burp cloths simply by sewing the fabric to the wash cloths.Image

4. You can keep it simple or add embellishments like I did with the fabric flower/button, or the pleated ribbon. That part was not practical but sometimes its fun to a fashionable burp cloth verses a 100% practical one. Everyone wants to be fashionable when being thrown up on……Image

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Every New Breast Feeding Mommy’s Best Friend

Baby Bliss, Product Review


I LOVE breastfeeding! I feel so blessed I am able to do it. Let’s face it- breast feeding can be tough business. It’s not for everyone and at first it is SO hard and not to mention painful. Then all of the sudden, the sun breaks through the clouds and it its the best. And it’s a mess. I spent a FORTUNE in wasteful disposable breast pads with my first child. And they were horribly uncomfortable.  Not this time around- Thank you ETSY!!   I bought my reusable pads from Cute and Funky.


BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: I have been using these for 3 months now and they are still in great shape! They are adorable (although only I really see them) They are a great price and so comfortable. Worth the investment. At this point with my other child, I would have spent 3 times the money I spent on these great pads and all while slowly trashing the environment.

COMFORT: Soft fabric, and not itchy like the plastic disposable ones. No UCKY tape on the back that pulls up and sticks to you-ugh let’s not even go there. Its just ten million times better than the disposable tape that does not stick to any fabric but will stick to you (ow!)

BARELY ANY LEAKS: When my baby started sleeping through the night. ( A one night occurrence…) I did have a leak. I recommend buying the larger size for the night. There may actually be a nighttime specific option. No leaks during the day!

Breast pad 1No complaints in regards to shipping and came in great packaging. I HIGHLY recommend this product! ALSO NOTE * I bought a 10 pair set. I am a lazy washer and this is good amount. I recommend not buying any less than a 10 pair. In fact if you are like me, and get behind on washing, buy at least 15 pair!  Check out the Facebook Page of Cute and Funky. I will definitely be buying more!