DIY Christmas Ornament Gifts

Look what I Made Mom!

DIYbatmanchristmasornamentI LOVE DIY (Do it yourself) projects! They are fun, affordable, and they come directly from the heart. I especially love DIY projects around Christmas. Since my last post on DIY placemats for kids was so popular, I thought I would share another project I was working on for my nephews, DIY Christmas ornaments. Not only are they cute, but they are light weight which is awesome. Lugging heavy ornaments up and down from an attic or basement every year gets taxing!



  1.  Character image. I drew mine with colored pencils and ink, because that is my specialty, but you can purchase an imagine, draw your own, print an image, etc. Ours happened to be Batman and Robin, but you can do anything. Reindeer, Santa, Cardsock paper craft, princess, you name it.
  2.  100lb Cardstock paper. This adds weight and strength to your image. I recommend, drawing, printing, etc your original image out on this cardstock paper. RobinChristmasornament1
  3. Modge podge and a foam brush. For if you do not follow the advise above.
  4. Scissors
  5. Sticky Backed Felt. I purchased mine from Michaels Arts and Crafts, but you should be able to find this from your local craft store with the 8″ x 11″ felt swatches. diychristmasornamentbacking
  6. Thin Ribbon- any color.
  7. Yarn Needle



  1. Select an image. Be sure that the image is not larger than 5″ tall or it will be a bit to big for the tree.
  2. Print or draw image onto 100lb white cardstock.
  3. If you ignore or are unable to print onto 100lb cardstock, cut out your image from standard paper. Lightly modge podge the back of your image and place it onto 100lb cardstock. Once dry, cut it out. The stability of the cardstock is crucial.
  4. Once cut, peel back the protective paper on your sticky backed felt.
  5. Place image, on to the adhesive felt. Press and hold. Smooth out so there are no bubbles.
  6. Cut out image.
  7. Cut a piece of thin ribbon the size you wish for the ornament ribbon to be. Be sure to leave extra so you can tie the knot. Mine was about 4″
  8. String the ribbon through the yarn needle.
  9. Pierce the ornament with the yarn needle. I placed the ribbon hole directly top center of each of my ornaments. Pull the needle through, leaving one end of the ribbon on each side.
  10. Remove needle being sure to put it back someplace up and away from being harmful and tie the two ends together in a tight double knot. Remove excess and you know have a cut DIY paper ornament!



As always, if you love what see check out our Etsy Shop. We do not sell licensed characters such as Batman and Robin, but this is an awesome example of what we can create with a pen and pencil. You will love our one of a kind hand-drawn magnetic paper doll sets! CLICK HERE for more information. Happy ornament making!



Cute, Fun, Practical, and Affordable Baby Gift-Handmade Burp Cloths



I LOVE baby showers. The Babies. The lack of babies (I know that contradicts. I love babies but I also like the two hours of adult girl talk break from my babies..) The chocolate. The excuse to buy adorable baby clothes and say “AWWWW.” a million times. LOVE IT.

However, like many of you I have entered the season of the baby. Everyone I know is having babies and although I wish I had an unlimited income to spend on baby gifts, I don’t. But I still want to give something meaningful, practical, and fun.

HOMEMADE THINGS ROCK. That is why Etsy is my candy shop. My sister-in-law just had a baby shower and I made her handmade burp clothes. It was like $5.00 for 3 and 1 1/2 hours of my life. And they are adorable and worth it because she is a pretty awesome sister-in-law.


1. I found brand new facial family wash cloths for seriously .50 a piece. I know?!?! And they were in a great size, etc.  and off white/vanilla colored.

2. I took them home and pulled out my fabric box. Never throw fabric away. I save all my leftovers, even curtains when I am done with them because you never know when you can re-purpose it. Same with buttons and ribbons.

3. I pulled out some cute fabric I had leftover from the girls room, some ribbon, and a sweater button and Wa-La! I had some cute burp cloths simply by sewing the fabric to the wash cloths.Image

4. You can keep it simple or add embellishments like I did with the fabric flower/button, or the pleated ribbon. That part was not practical but sometimes its fun to a fashionable burp cloth verses a 100% practical one. Everyone wants to be fashionable when being thrown up on……Image

As Always, check out our AWESOMe Etsy Shop.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts for a Modern Mama

Baby Bliss

It must have been a cold, loooong winter  in my state. Everyone around me is having babies! Including me. So I am forever looking for that perfect baby gift that will make my friends mouths drop in goofy joy. (Like this embarrassing photo of me from my baby shower 2 years. Word to the wise- have joy more ladylike as it could forever be on Facebook.)

DSCF6345 (1)

Now that I am a seasoned mom (as if!) I feel like I have a handle on what modern day moms actually need. So I hope to help you out with a list of the 5 best gifts in my humble opinion. (It is VERY hard to pick just five.)


1. DIAPERS: I know Boooring. But OH.SO.WONDEFUL. and NEEDED. It’s great because everyone gives you different brands so you can find out what works for your family. Plus you go through 10 billion of them and that starts to add up. And no one feels like shopping right after having a baby so a large stock pile of this gold mine is heaven. Be sure to check if your mommy-to-be is going disposable or cloth. Also get creative…It doesn’t have to be boring. Look at these loads of adorableness (Diaper cakes on Etsy) Who wouldn’t love getting one of those?

DIAPER CAKE FOR GIRLS by LanasDiaperCakeShop


GENDER NEUTRAL byJudeBugsBabySweets

2. KNIT OR CROCHET BABY BOOTIES: They don’t come off. Babies are born as a mini Howard Houdini. If you put them in a pair of socks-2 seconds later you have no idea where they went. Handmade crochet booties keep the socks on and they stay on themselves. Plus they typically take longer to grow out of verses socks and shoes. Miracle workers in the winter time. A MUST with a winter baby. Check out these winners!

BOOTIES FOR GIRLS by The BlueBerryElephant

BOOTIES FOR BOYS by HeathersHobbies


3. SWADDLE BLANKETS WITH VELCRO: I am back to the baby Houdini argument. If you put a baby in regular swaddle blanket without Velcro- you will be swaddling them ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Or maybe I just have extremely wiggly children who require the straight jacket swaddling for sleeping yet wiggle fight it.

You can get swaddle blankets with velcro from any big box store-I personally love Target or you can find some selections on Etsy.

Check out this cool version of the swaddle blanket from StorkSwaddle on


4. BABY SWING or VIBRATING CHAIR: Start them young. There is no way you a new mom can hold her baby every second and I swear by all kinds, any kind as long as it is safe, and functioning. Go in on it with friends and add a Costco size pack of batteries for it too. You will get texts of gratitude for weeks.


5. THE HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK: This is book every mother should read and re-read by Dr. Harvey Karp. I could kiss that man. It has a very specific technique for how to deal with and prevent fussy, colicy babies and get them to sleep/be happy. And let’s be real ladies. No amount of adorable baby outfits and shoes will ever be as important or appreciated as a happy baby. My mother-in-law gave this book to me and I did kiss her! I LOVE it and I LIVE it. And it’s not just me.  It has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon with a 4.5  out of 5 rating. Unfortunately, there will simply be some grumpy babies. Let us just pray they are not ours and do our part to prevent it!


I would LOVE to hear what you think the top 5 baby gifts are and what has been a lifesaver for you. Come on- Change my opinion on the top 5!